Introducing “RITATM” for Individual Investors!

Are there much better mutual funds and ETFs than what I’m in?
Now you can find out for yourself. Would you like to be able to independently find out? Now you can, quickly and easily. Are you bewildered by the vast number of investment choices and amount of information about them? You no longer have to be.
Of all the available choices, which ones are best for me?
Now you can, quickly and easily. Would you like to have a way to check to see exactly how what’s being recommended to you matches up against all similar choices? Now you can, quickly and easily. Do you believe that conflicts of interest and hidden incentives can adversely affect the investment advice and recommendations you are being given? You’re right! Now see how that’s affected you – you’ll likely be shocked.
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If you are an individual investor who has arrived here through visiting, you’ll be pleased to know that a streamlined and easier to use version of the ProRRT has been designed specifically for you. It’s called “RITATM”, which stands for “Retail Investment Tracking ApplicationTM”.

Rather than the 48 performance factors available in the ProRapidReview Tool (ProRRT), the much more expensive professional tool, there are 18 factors. These 18 are the most commonly used of those 48 and will be all that you will need to help answer this key question for yourself:

“Of all the available mutual fund and ETF choices, which ones are best for me?”
Compare Mutual Funds & ETFs
Objectively compare performance data of active mutual funds and ETFs, YOUR WAY.
18 Quantitative Factors To Work With
Compare average returns and volatility, for multiple blended periods, cost, fund size, turnover, and more.
Patented Scoring and Ranking System
Customize the scoring and ranking of mutual funds and ETFs based on your personal needs, goals, and preferences.
Empowerment AND Independence
Free yourself from a forced dependency on financial services providers.
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Perhaps you, like most investors, and even investment advisors, believe that there is no way to definitively answer that question. There are simply too many choices (now nearly 30,000 mutual funds and ETFs) and too much information about them.  In a world with too many choices, too much information, and no practical way to comparatively evaluate them, individual investors are vulnerable. This vulnerability has too often been, and continues to be, exploited within the financial services marketplace.

Have you ever wondered just how good the choices recommended by your broker or advisor are?

How good is the investment advice I’m getting?

Many brokers and investment advisors recommend from a relatively small universe of “approved” investment choices. If what’s best for you is not in that approved universe, they can’t recommend it and you won’t ever know about it . . . it simply won’t be mentioned. The RRT will give you the ability to compare what is being recommended to much broader universes of qualified choices.

Are hidden incentives adversely affecting the investment advice I am being given?

Brokerage and investment advisory firms tend to provide very little, if any, information regarding how they select mutual funds and ETFs for their “approved lists” and virtually no information regarding which ones they tend to preferentially recommend. Even with new regulations focused on requiring more conflict-of-interest disclosures, there has been virtually no way for individual investors to know for sure. With the RRT you now can avoid damaging conflicts of interest, even if you don’t know if there are any.

Exactly how does what’s being recommended to me match up against all similar choices?

The RRT enables you to score and rank mutual fund and ETF recommendations in mere moments, using performance factors that you select and weight. It empowers you to see exactly how well those recommendations compare with other choices available to you . . . which ones have been the best at producing the composite investment effects you are seeking over time.

Is there really a way to filter out all conflicts of interest, even if I’m not sure any exist?

Yes. This is one of the coolest things about the RRT. Because it enables you to score and rank choices on a pure, objective performance factor basis, it effectively filters out all conflicts of interest, both known (disclosed) and unknowable. Using it, there is no way someone can effectively sell you on a mutual fund or ETF that you find ranks 176 for you. Gone will be the days where they will be able to sell what’s best for “them,” and not what’s best for you, the individual investor.

Does investing in individual stocks, bonds, and ETFs myself protect me from conflicts of interest?

It would but so doing highlights another important though unrelated issue. Are you any good at doing this? What we mean is, compared to the professional money management teams at mutual fund companies, who focus on specific classes of investments full time (and with specialized training and tools), what are the odds that you can consistently “beat” the best of them at that game? But, here’s the point, you want to have the ability to identify and employ “the best of them,” and the RRT enables you to do that.

What if I simply like to invest in individual stocks and bonds?

We entirely understand. But we don’t see it as an “either / or” proposition. Instead, we look at it as a chance to both “hedge our bets” and a chance for us to “compete” against the best. Let’s say you’re investing for “growth” and prefer “small cap” stocks. You could continue to do so, but also use the RRT to pick the “best” small cap mutual fund(s) – the one(s) that best match your needs, goals, and preferences – and place some portion of your investments with them. You’ve now “hedged your bet” and, if you beat them, great. If not, you’ve gotten the benefit of better performance.

Individual investors simply have no meaningful way to “vet” the investment advice they’re given, especially the advice about which mutual funds and ETFs they should select for their portfolios.  The fact is that the financial services marketplace has been vendor-dominated since inception and are focused on selling their products and services, rather than helping you find what’s best for you.  Conflicts of interest abound, too often corrupting investment advice and degrading investment performance. 

We’re working to change this! In such a world, we believe the “best help” is “self-help.” Our Goal is to beneficially disrupt and transform the financial services marketplace through individual Investor Empowerment. Launching RitaTM is huge step towards achieving that Goal.

If you’ve ever wondered how good your mutual funds and ETFs area in comparison with all of the others you could have selected, now is your chance to find out.

We’re hoping you will help us do so by helping us complete and launch RITATM. Rather than going into the financial services world to raise the money needed to do so, we believe that securing the assistance of those who will be directly helped would be the much better and “cleaner” path. And, to express our gratitude for that help, we will be rewarding those who help with licenses for the use of RITATM for periods matching the amounts contributed.

Please click Subscribe below to contribute and obtain your licenses at special low, pre-launch subscription pricing, our sincere Thank You for helping us get RITATM ready to help individual investors like you. You can even subscribe more than once and give subscriptions to family and friends. As soon as RITATM is launched your licenses will be made effective.

Until then, you can practice with the free “Checkup” version – of the ProRRT.