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For Investment Advisors

The ProRapidReview is the only investment analysis tool that answers two key questions for Investment Advisors, CPAs, Estate Planning Attorneys and other trusted advisors:

Of all the available investment choices, which ones are best for my clients?

And, of all the available mutual fund analysis tools, which one will directly help me improve investment results, increase new client recruitment, and increase my revenue?

Utilizing a unique, patented process, the ProRapidReview Tool is easy to use and incredibly effective.

By simply entering the ticker symbol, or name, of a mutual fund or ETF, the ProRapidReview Tool identifies the asset class to which that fund or ETF belongs.

The ProRapidReview tool then performs an initial comparative analysis of all the mutual fund and ETF choices within that asset class  using a default weighting of three factors each for return and average standard deviation

The tool menu offers a total of 48 factors from which you can choose to customize the selection  and weighting of factors in a way that most closely matches the investment objectives of your clients  your portfolios  and your approved investment pools.

The weightings you choose produce a composite score which ranks all of the available mutual fund and ETF choices within the asset class. 

The ProRapidReview tool also charts the results, plotting the composite scores against the numeric rank   further helping you to quickly identify the truly superior managers within the asset class. 

In all, the ProRapidReview tool will save hours, days, and even weeks of quantitative analysis of choices enabling you to focus qualitative due diligence on only the top 3 to 5 choices, providing you with more time to focus on new business development.

Generating actionable results in mere minutes, you can identify choices that could potentially improve your clients’ returns, often dramatically.  

Additional direct effects of using the ProRapidReview tool include, increased new client recruitment, increased revenue, improved client satisfaction, improved regulatory complianceand the Peace of Mind in knowing that you have recommended investment choices which are provably in the best interests of your clients.

If you’d like to learn more, visit our FAQ page, or Better yet, try it for yourself using our free trial of the ProRapidReview Checkup tool  to self-diagnose how the mutual funds and ETFs you may be currently recommending score and rank in comparison with other qualified alternatives.

And take advantage of the ROI calculator to estimate for yourself just how good of an investment this will be for your business.

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