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Empowering Better Investment Choice Selection for Investment Advisors
Want To Grow Revenue?
Grow your business using the one tool specifically designed to directly improve investment results, increase new client recruitment, and increase AUM and revenue.
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Need A Competitive Edge?
Gain a dramatic competitive advantage in recruiting new clients by showing them the performance gaps between their current investments and those they could have selected.
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Compare Mutual Funds & ETFs
Compare the industry standard quantitative data of active mutual fund and ETF managers
48 Quantitative Factors To Work With
Compare Return, Focus, Expense Ratio, Sharpe Ratio, Downside Deviation, Alpha, and more.
Patented Scoring and Ranking System
Customize the scoring and ranking of mutual funds based on your clients' investment objectives.
A Unique Competitive Advantage
Rapidly increase client loyalty and revenue in a way that no other technology is capable of producing.

Empowering Investment Advisors

Advantages That Could Be Yours

The Pro RapidReview Tool℠ uniquely empowers Financial Advisors to answer these key questions:​

Want Faster Growth in AUM and Advisory Fees?

The ProRRT℠ is the only tool available to investment advisors that is designed to directly increase your revenue. The ProRRT helps you generate better investment results and, when used as a new business development tool, improves new client recruitment, leading to increased growth in AUM and revenue.
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Want Greater Efficiency In Selecting Investments?

The ProRRT℠ begins with a comparative analysis that quickly narrows the universe of mutual fund and ETF choices. This permits the qualitative due diligence step to focus on the top 3-5 highest ranked choices, making the process of investment selection dramatically easier, more time efficient, & less costly.
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Want to Increase Client Satisfaction?

One of the principal reasons why investment advisors are fired is poor results from the investments they have recommended to their clients. Better results lead to greater client satisfaction and greater client retention, both of which lead to increased client satisfaction, referrals, client recruitment, and revenue.
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Need Improved Regulatory Compliance?

The ProRRT℠ helps you to ensure compliance with federal and state “fiduciary” and “best interest” regulations and demonstrates that what you are selecting and recommending truly meets your clients' investment objectives, eliminating conflicts of interest, both known and unknown, all in the best interests of your clients.
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Want a Significant Competitive Advantage?

The ProRRT℠ empowers you with the ability to show prospective clients the performance gaps between their current investments and those they could have selected, often revealing significantly greater historic returns without greater risks, a game changing advantage in recruiting new clients to your firm.
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Want Greater Confidence in Your Recommendations?

With ProRRT's unprecedented ability to identify and recommend mutual funds and ETF managers whose historic performance most closely matches the needs, goals, and preferences of your clients, these unique advantages can provide you with much greater confidence in your recommendations to clients.
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